factors of foreign policy of pakistan

As the sixth-largest nation in the world by way of population, country’s foreign policy makers should take into account the factor that we possess a reasonable quality of human resources and have an extremely useful geography. Pakistan’s reluctance in getting militarily involved in the Saudi-led war in Yemen is evidence of this new thinking. So, the first question that comes to mind regarding the foreign policy making in Pakistan is: “What factors determine the foreign policy making in Pakistan?”. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
Pakistan is an ideological state hence ideology has a special place in its foreign policy and it has been a central focus in the foreign policy for all time. University of the Punjab. A growth- and export-driven economy would enable us to exploit our strategic advantage effectively and base our foreign policy on an economically strong agenda. Pakistan has been using its nukes as deterrence against any potential aggression from a militarily much stronger India. In fact ideology has and is likely to remain an important factor in determining foreign policy of Pakistan.

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