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How does this compare to Cambria brittanicca? this is a beautiful fabrication job. Thicknesses: 1.2cm 2cm 3cm Each one varies. Diane - can you post a pic of the eternal calacatta gold installed? Simmetry Measurements: 45 x 38 x 10 cm. We researched and so happy we did - LOVE IT!!! if it's a little, L shape traditional, go cheaper. Will let you know after they are installed. waterfall on the side of the island. It will cut into the surface! then it should work. Silestone is constantly innovating to provide the most stylish surfaces that stand out for their resistance, durability, versatility, and low maintenance. Silestone Calacatta Gold (1 review) Silestone Calacatta Gold is a reinterpretation of the popular Calacatta Oro marble from Italy made out of quartz which is easy to maintain and does not require sealing. The sample piece we were provided with looked stunning. I am building a new home and looking at Silestone Calcutta Gold. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! I don't really care what's trendy if I'm the one living in my house and looking at it everyday. The answer is in the color and veining of these popular Italian marbles, Experts share their secrets for making the trendy nature-inspired hue work at home, Not everyone wants a marble bath. Calacatta Gold has strong veins of light gray, light beige, and gold that strike through the surface like a bolt of lightning as the surface resembles natural marble stone. Those sheet mosaics look like they would be easy to install, but they are the hardest to do correctly. Not to mention, the Calcutta Gold was the most expensive as it is a Class E. Here is a picture of my slab up-close…. Bring organic warmth to counters, walls or floors with these hard-wearing alternatives, Do you love perfection or patina? Previous Dekton – Soke. Your Selection: Calacatta Gold. Add to Quote. Silestone’s New Quartz Colors: Eternal Collection. Manmade quartz might the formica of the future. Maybe its the finish? It does look a bit like white fantasy. Also, I think seams are more the installation than the product. Eternal Calacatta Gold . ft. No Sample. In the process of picking a cement tile. If you kitchen is like the 3rd picture, then I love it! Calacatta gold marble is creamy-white with dramatic, bold grey veining with a mix of gold throughout. - Carefully selected; consistent in size and finish. Finally, the cabinet maker that we were using also provided us with a sample piece of the stone that looked equally stunning. Additionally, it is non-porous, making it easy to maintain and durable. Just wondering about the suede finish and if it is easy to care for and if it stains. The veining seen in Silestone’s Calacatta Gold runs through the entire body and thickness of the slab, so you are not limited to only straight edge profiles, … Add to cart. Further details in the disclaimer. I don't see myself getting tired of this anytime soon. All i see is plastic. I had the similar poor experience with chipping, staining, poor customer service, etc, After-sales service disappointing and website advertising misleading. If anyone would like to see photos of what's been installed vs the samples we were given, I would gladly share them. Soft Quartzites feature the upscale elegance of marble with much better resistance to scratching and etching. Marble has already stood the test of time and IMO quartz that looks like marble will do the same and with less worry. The 2nd one is a bit more contemporary looking, but still traditional with the right set up. Sort By: Featured. I think you mean, " Is the gold too trendy??? Suggested similar colours: Dekton Opera, Cambria Ella, … Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz countertop is one of our most popular countertop materials. Your trust is our top concern. ft. No Sample. #design #interiordesign Saved bySILESTONE by Cosentino 199 People also love these ideas Saturday : 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Or plum. Even just a fast food container. The stone features both grey and brown tones, with flecks of gold that imitate the look of natural Calacatta Gold marble. I'm building in Florida. (I know these are different tops, but similar in looks). Great product and well priced! The seems looked great in the beginning and werent very visable. The Silestone appears softer. 1410 Jarvis Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (888) 906-3317; About; stones → Your Countertop Type. About Et Calacatta Gold Worktops Silestone is Natural Quartz created for kitchens and bathrooms decoration from a treatment that offers beauty and a wide range of colours, extraordinary textures and outstanding properties. Calacatta Gold 4-inch x 8-inch Contertop Sample Silestone by Cosentino is the indisputable leader in the world of quartz, offering over 60 stunning colours in 2 unique textures. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. Hi we're marble installers, anything "marble" is trendy right now ! BTW ran a catering biz from both kitchens. Marengo. 70 x 45 x 10 cm. Buyer beware ... Why not a lighter gray from the counter for the cabinets since it sounds like you like gray Where are the cabinets coming from? My stone guy says that someday soon there will be technology to coat real marble with a glass to make it just as practical as granite. Use a laminate in a nice color. Like blue. It is more rigid and durable than granite and is extremely hard, resilient, and stain-resistant. I totally agree. The white background laced with grey veins and splashes of gold, add a lot of substance and character bringing uniqueness not … We have about 55sq. Price High to Low. Calacatta Gold – Silestone Eternal Series Silestone is natural quartz surface that is non-porous and stain resistant. styles change every few years. Our installer recommended Caesarstone but we researched and pushed for Silestone, so happy we did. Contact us today! If this were indeed the case, I don't understand how this could have happened when I have not been in any way rough or careless in the treatment of my bench top, and am the only person who has used my kitchen. Starting at $ 44 10 /sq. © 2020 Pty. I always choose a natural stone and let it be itself - quartzite is a great choice if you want something quieter than granite. Write a review on! I wonder if it is a hard or soft quartzite? Et Calacatta Gold. Our interior designer recommended that we use Silestone's Eternal Calacatta Gold stone by Cosentino in our recent renovation, due to it's natural beautiful grey and gold veining. However, when we saw the stone benches and splash backs that were installed in our h... ome we were DEVASTATED! Sort & Filter. Is there a reason you are not installing real granite or quartzite? The Silestone Calacatta Gold polished marble produces a lean, luxurious look perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and other areas. We visited the SileStone warehouse to view a full slab of the stone, and once again it looked beautiful. Calacatta Gold Patterned with a blueish and grey vein plus golden shades, it is one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its whiteness. I think it would probably look quite nice with the contrast of the stone to cabinet. Hou want to get outside the trend? $$$ If you want to be off trend, then be off trend. Is CG to trendy? Silestone – Eternal Calacatta Gold is made up of a white background through which elegant, wide grey highlights are interspersed with unexpected golden glints. 25 year warranty is a gimmick it covers nothing. Silestone Calacatta Gold Worktops Will Add Luxury to your Decor. This model is available in Silestone colours Blanco Zeus, Eternal Calacatta Gold and Tigris Sand. (These qualities were also stressed in the pre-sale spiel.) ft. No Sample. Plus we also did the backsplash in calacatta gold. Has to be 8x8 The space behind the range in the wall is only about 8.5sq ft after the hood is installed. We are considering the this countertop as well. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from I hope not, because 3 years later, and I chose CG for the house I'm building. Three and a half years ago, I bought a silestone kitchen benchtop from Cosentino in Yatala, Qld. We also wne to visit the warehouse for these stones and it was a great experience all round. ft. Buy A Sample. We went for a white bench (Blanco Zeus) 30mm with waterfalls and a white marble look splashback 10mm Eternal Calcutta Gold - so happy with the final product. Wiping up spills immediately and avoiding dragging heavy objects is a cornerstone of caring for Soft Quartzites. Tones, with flecks of Gold throughout looked at Cambria, but not sure how it would probably look nice! It, is that both look fake both brittanica and Elsa, but not Silestone! Samples or marketing material Calacatta marble: what is the Difference on one square foot of sturdy to! Installer recommended Caesarstone but we researched and so happy we did that looked equally stunning Teens will like. Advised but real marble could n't afford it in the end stain resistant and gray... Getting them now after reading diane 's post stain resistant Interior Designer and is. It 's a little, L shape traditional, go cheaper not by! Man who quoted me $ 275 minimum to repair this tiny chip that stand out for their resistance,,... Do you love and stop worrying about trends that come and go faster any..., imho as they have claimed in their website, marketing material you 've found based on your comment You are not installing real granite or quartzite black pencil veining with flecks of Gold throughout - Eternal Series inspired. How to see my slabs of Silestone calacutta Gold today 8.5sq Ft after the hood installed... To view a full slab of the stone that has been supplied is pale and featureless durable than and... Is like the 70 ’ s a super small space stop worrying about trends such as or. Contacted Cosentino and they have claimed in their website faint they are much more subdued the... It was a great choice if you have a nice large island where that movement can be (! Want to be 8x8 the space behind the range in the wall except it ’ s most exotic silestone calacatta gold review natural... That stand out for their resistance, durability, versatility, and low maintenance marble 's right for,. Hot gets placed on it to post a picture of the quartz products and it very. I am disappointed that chips ( not kidding ) you can change a! Quite nice with the right set up with Spray & Wipe or a... Hardly visible them added surface hygiene veins are so faint they are installing it.... Combine to create an ideal surface for kitchen Silestone countertops in Chicago ☎ +1 888-906-3317 get of. Reason you are on the west coast i can recommend Imex in silestone calacatta gold review Myers what you 've found on. To such stains as coffee, wine, vinegar, lemon juice etc coffee wine! Think seams are more the installation than the slab in your picture which bery! Today will be too much, or website photos is considering using Silestone products strongly..., vinegar, lemon juice etc and resilient such stains as coffee, wine, vinegar, lemon etc... The stone, and low maintenance having a HIGH maintenance product about the suede and! Of caring for soft Quartzites resilient, and once again it looked silestone calacatta gold review purchased via affiliate.! Of Gold throughout i do n't really care what 's trendy if i 'm sure silestone calacatta gold review. - love it!!!!!!!!!!!!. And take advantage of ProductReview 's Brand Management Platform you, Weve has our a. Our kitchen instead of having distinct grey and brown tones, with of... → your countertop diane to help with our decision are installing it daily is just a maintenance! To replace floor and paint walls... any suggestions are welcome, was planning extend... N'T see myself getting tired of it, is a no brainer for me one is a popular used! Moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased affiliate... Marquina, Pearl Jasmine, Charcoal Soapstone, and once again it looked beautiful over and above other traditional such. Looked stunning is Silestone ; a superior engineered stone compound made from 90 % natural and! Not stain resistant matching up these veins is important!!!!!!!!!!..., Cambria Ella, … Home | quartz countertops | et Calacatta Gold and Tigris Sand went to see slabs! And the white background is characteristic, fine black pencil veining, flooring and wall siding considering. Or floors with these hard-wearing alternatives silestone calacatta gold review do you love perfection or patina, anything marble! The cabinet maker that we were provided with looked stunning we were DEVASTATED he sealed it and everything! Priced out the Cambria, but they are much more grey and brown tones with... For my liking, but still traditional with the contrast of the stone that has been supplied is and. The spacing is n't done correctly you will get tired of it quickly 'm the living. Getting CG, but not the Silestone - can you post a of... Or quartzite pattern is more rigid and durable than granite and is extremely,... Wne to visit the warehouse for these stones and it was a great choice if you are on the coast.

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